Does Ryan Phillippe Writer His GF Abbie Cornish Romantic Poems? She's Not Telling!

Abbie Cornish plays John Keats' real life love interest, Fanny Brawne, to Ben Winshaw's Keats in her new sweepingly epic romantic film, "Bright Star." So, when MTV News got a hold of the actress, we couldn’t help but wonder if there's a little bit of Keats living inside her now, too.

Turns out though, she's more of a TuPac. "Yeah for sure [I'm a romantic]," she said. "I do read and write poetry and lyrics as well. I love music. Music's a big thing for me. I guess the most contemporary version of poetry would be rap and hip-hop. And I love hip hop. I emcee. I'm a rapper as well."

Unfortunately, Abbie wouldn’t spit a rhyme or two for us but promises that "next time" she meets up with reporter Josh Horowitz then she just might do it. And, maybe next time she'll also bring a few of the poems that she says have been written about her by lovers- past, and, perhaps, present.

"Ah yeah," she responded when asked if she's ever had a real-life suitor write her romantic poems. But she wouldn't reveal if one of those suitors include Ryan Phillippe. "Oh, take it easy! Good try though."