'True Blood': Who Could Be Responsible For That Season Finale Cliffhanger?

The Five Likeliest Candidates Responsible For 'True Blood's Shocking Cliffhanger!

Have you seen the second season finale of "True Blood" yet? If so, read on! If not, be warned -- there are plenty of spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own risk!

We still have several questions about the "True Blood" finale, but the biggest one by far involves Sookie Stackhouse's (Anna Paquin) main squeeze, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). The century-old vampire effectively became this season's Lafayette by the end of the finale -- or, in other words, the main focus of our "True Blood" withdrawal between seasons two and three.

In the finale's closing moments, Bill was strangled with silver and kidnapped by an unseen assailant leaving one to wonder who could possibly have it out for our favorite southern vampire gentleman. Unfortunately, there's no shortage of culprits -- but here are the five most likely candidates.

ERIC NORTHMAN: Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) has more than a few bones to pick with Bill, the most obvious being his infatuation with Sookie -- with Bill out of the way, his path to Sookie is a lot easier.

But there's another reason why Eric would target Sookie's undead lover. Bill has learned that Eric is dealing vampire blood, which was secretly ordered by none other than the Vampire Queen (Evan Rachel Wood) herself. Eric promised Sophie-Anne that he'd preserve the secret by taking care of Bill -- so either someone beat him to it, or Eric followed through on that potentially lethal pledge.

LAFAYETTE REYNOLDS: While he doesn't have any obvious beef with Bill, there could be a big reason for Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) to want to kidnap the mild-mannered vampire -- namely, that he doesn't have a choice.

We already know that Lafayette is catering to Eric's every whim, including the illicit selling of vampire blood, so why should kidnapping be any different? If Eric doesn't want to get his hands bloody, he could just as easily send Lafayette in to do his dirty work, making it very possible that a begrudging Lafayette is behind Bill's capture.

QUEEN SOPHIE-ANNE LeCLERQ: There's still much to be learned about Louisiana's very own Vampire Queen, so while she's definitely a likely contender for ordering Bill's kidnapping, we also shouldn't rule her out as the actual physical abductor.

From what we know of her, Sophie-Anne is incredibly old and has gotten relatively bored. Perhaps getting in on some bloody action -- namely, capturing Bill Compton -- would help her find a new spark in life. I don't think she's as likely a candidate as Eric or Lafayette, but as a relatively unknown quality, she should still be considered a possible suspect.

LORENA: Let's forget about Sophie-Anne for a second and think about another strong suspect -- none other than Bill's maker and former girlfriend, Lorena (Mariana Klaveno). If any of these culprits have a personal score to settle with Bill, it's certainly his maker.

During her time in Dallas, Lorena was not only privately rejected by Bill, but she was also publicly embarrassed by him and Sookie. Bill might have made the ultimate mistake in letting her leave Texas with her afterlife still intact -- could Lorena have returned to Bon Temps to seek vengeance on what's rightfully hers?

REVEREND STEVE NEWLIN: With so much of season two focused on Reverend Steve Newlin (Mike McMillian) and his vampire-hating church, why wouldn't his organization be at the top of the list in connection to Bill's kidnapping?

Abducting Bill satisfies a few of Newlin's needs -- it takes one more vampire off the board, it upsets Sookie Stackhouse and it therefore upsets her brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten), who he has a serious grudge against. With all the contenders in the mix, Newlin and the Fellowship of the Sun could well be responsible for Bill's disappearance.

Who do you think kidnapped Bill Compton?