'Fringe' Returns Tonight, Which Means So Does Joshua Jackson -- Swoon!

It's Thursday. "Fringe" is back for season two and that means we can once again get our weekly fix of the man who won our hearts as Pacey Witter, Joshua Jackson. We here at Hollywood Crush, do love everything about the show — the storylines that always keep us guessing, Walter Bishop and yes, Olivia — but we can't help but fall more and more in love with Peter Bishop week after week.

So, in honor of our beloved's return to the small screen, we are taking a look back at some of the former Canada Day Hottie's best roles that don't include "Fringe."

"Dawson's Creek"

It wouldn't really be a Joshua Jackson ode without mentioning the always adorable, witty, sometime troublemaking Pacey Witter. He won many a girl's heart on the show, including the much sought after Joey Potter. But, really he won the hearts of the girls watching him all those years on the WB series flutter from job to job. We still can't really figure out how Pacey was a stock broker and a chef!

"Cruel Intentions"

With bleached out hair, the actor played gossipy Blaine who would do anything (including the star quarterback!) to stir up some trouble on the Upper West Side. As if Jackson wasn't bringing enough hotness to the table, Ryan Phillipe is also in this flick. Swoons for days!

"Urban Legend"

Though his role in the 1998 flick was much too small, the still-blond Josh (starring alongside fellow babe Jared Leto), won our hearts as Damon Brooks, who basically was the horror movie alter ego of Pacey. And we're not saying that as a complaint.

"The Mighty Ducks"

Okay so Charlie Conway was like the perfect guy you would have wanted to date in middle school. And that's perfect for a guy like Joshua, who we,well, wanted to date in middle school. Plus, it's nice to see Joshua embrace his Canadian roots in the flick about hockey.

So, what's your favorite Joshua Jackson flick? Are you equally excited for the season two premiere of "Fringe"?