Anticipating 'Jennifer's Body' Makes Us Wonder Who The Top Five Movie Mean Girls Are

We've already learned from Megan Fox that she, like "Jennifer's Body" scribe Diablo Cody is terrified of high school girls. They're mean, backstabbing and bitchy, and are oftentimes crueler to their female friends then they are to the boys who worship them.

Though a self-proclaimed high school outcast, Megan has perfected the art of the high school bitch, first in the Lindsay Lohan-headlined "Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen," then in "Transformers" (that scene where she first notices Shia Labeouf's Sam is painful to watch) and now as the ultimate high school demon in Jennifer's Body.

To honor the release of the thriller tomorrow, we've decided to a look back at some of the meanest high school girls in cinema, including a

Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls"

Ironically enough, there really aren't any nice girls in "Mean Girls," but Rachel McAdams (in her breakout role!) as Regina George surely is one of the worst. The Tina Fey-penned screenplay is what makes their cattiness so much funnier than our own personal mean girl experiences, but still, the commentary on social cliques and bitchy high school girls strikes too close to home. Right from the moment Regina is introduced, it is clear she is going to be one of the baddest high school villains around.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in "Cruel Intentions"

When racy French literature taking place among the elite can be transposed into the modern day simply by placing it into an upper class high school environment, you know you're in for some insanity. Sarah Michelle Gellar's Katherine makes a deal with her brother Sebastian (Ryan Phillipe), that if he cant steal the virginity of a self-proclaimed wait-until-marriage virgin (Reese Witherspoon), she gets his car. If he wins, he can put it anywhere. Oh, and to get revenge on an ex, she has Sebastian sexually initiate his new gf (Selma Blair), sleeps with the boy Selma is crushing on, blackmails Sebastian unto spurning his true love and ends up getting him killed. Guess "Gossip Girl" isn't the only one saying its a hard life living in the ritzy upper Manhattan.

Winona Ryder in "Heathers"

To get revenge on one of her ex-friends, Heather, Winona Ryder's Veronica (pictured, far right) teams up with Christian Slater's J.D. to teach her a lesson but ends up accidentally killing her. In true form of bitchiness gone bad, J.D. leads Veronica on a series of pranks and revenge plots turned murders until finally Veronica stops the insanity and saves her school. Surely not the most realistic of high school mean girls, but definitely a downer compared to John Hughes' happy-go-lucky high school flicks of the eighties.

Mena Suvari in "American Beauty"

Maybe she was the nice girl in "American Pie," but as Thora Birch's cruel BFF and the object of Kevin Spacey's affection, Mena Suvari's Angela (pictured, left) was anything but sweet. While Angela isn't as cruel as some of the other ladies on our list, constantly belittling your best friend and encouraging her dad to fall in love with you are two qualities that we neglect to keep on our list of BFF musts. "American Beauty" begged its audiences to look closer at the modern family, but we love its take on high school cattiness as well.

Nancy Allen and P.J. Soles in "Carrie"

First taunting Sissy Spacek's titular Carrie after she first discovers that time of the month, and then later ruining her special prom experience by pouring a bucket of pigs blood on top of her when she was accepting prom queen, Nancy Allen's Chris and P.J. Soles' Norma got what they deserved — death by telekinesis in the best outcast-gets-revenge horror story out there. Lets just hope Amanda Seyfried is the Carrie in "Jennifer's Body," and not Megan Fox!

Was there any high school mean girls we missed? Who do you think is the meanest of them all?