Jennifer Aniston Says 'Love Happens' Isn't 'As Light And Fluffy As Most Romantic Films'

If judging by the consistent string of magazines she covers, tabloids that follow her romances and powerful and hottest celebrity lists she graces, it can be deduced that Jennifer Aniston is the sweetheart of America. Her newest film, Love Happens, opens tomorrow, and is a romantic drama that places her opposite "The Dark Knight" hunk Aaron Eckhart.

MTV Movies reporter Larry Carroll had a chance to sit down with Jen when she was promoting the movie and ask her the question that seemed to be so obvious after looking at her film resume: Why do people like watching you fall in love?

The question seemed to fluster Jen, when at first she defensively said, "I don't just fall in love in movies, you know."

After a moments pause, she added, "I don't know why. You'd have to ask those people. I don't know the answer to that."

She said while "Love Happens" is a romantic film, it also gets dark as well. "It's not as light and fluffy as most romantic films, I would say, in its defense," she said.

As to why Americans consistently pay $10 to see her fall in love, I guess the answer to that is in the title of the film ... love happens.