Whose Celebrity Twitter Feed Are You Obsessed With? (Our #1 Pick: Ryan Gosling's!)-- It's Time To Confess!

I'm not much of a Twitterer. I follow about 40 people, and I'm lucky if I Tweet a dozen times a month. But this week I officially became obsessed with one particular feed: Dead Man's Bones (@WerewolfHeart). And it's not just cause Ryan Gosling (he's pictured second from the right) is half of this gothic, slightly goofy collaboration (but pictures like this don't hurt).

For the uninitiated, Dead Man's Bones is the two-man musical group comprised of Ryan and friend Zach Shields. Both guys use the account, and Zach's making sure you don't forget it tweeting, "This is Zach. It's his band too and we'll both be twittering from this account. Ya Heard Ma http://twitpic.com/hvr59." Their feed is a glorious mix of self-referential humor and backstage access to their upcoming residency at the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in L.A. After the jump, are a few recent highlights:

1. Puppets!

It worked for "Sesame Street" and "The Muppets." Heck, even "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" benefited from the floppy, felt creatures. In short, puppets are cool and the many pics (like this, this and this) of the show's marionettes are super fun and a bit Tim Burton-esque.

2. F--k Yeah! Ryan Gosling

Have you ever read the hilarious blog F--k Yeah! Ryan Gosling? In a nutshell, the creators take photos of Ryan and add smarmy, ridiculous captions that always begin with "Hey Girl." Example: "Hey Girl, Sometimes I get so sad when we can't watch 'Golden Girls' together." So I almost peed my pants when this popped up in the boys' Twitter feed: "Hey girl, you smell like you're wearing a perfume that God made for you called 'God.'" I love, love that Ryan is poking fun at himself (or that Zach is doing it for him).

3. I'm with the band

Just yesterday, the pair posted an open-call flyer asking performers with unique talents (i.e. magicians, sword-swallowers, tap dancers) to send in audition reels for a chance to open their national tour. Right now I'm really kicking myself for quitting tap lessons at the age of 10. Seriously. I guess I'll just have to be content watching their "monster-ghost-love-story" when it comes to my area.

I can't be the only one obsessively following a Twitter feed. Time to confess Crushers: Whose feed are you following veryclosely? And what do you think about Ryan and Zach's Dead Man's Bones feed?