Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, 'Twilight' & Miley Cyrus Enter The Guiness Book Of World Records

It turns out it pays — literally — to star in an eight-volume-long franchise. The "Guinness Book of World Records" for 2010 is hitting book stores tomorrow, and in it “Harry Potter” stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are crowned the big box office money makers. Sorry, Rupert Grint.

Dan is the highest grossing actor of the decade, Guinness says, with an average $558 million pulled in for film. Considering he is the star of the successful “Harry Potter” franchise in which “Sorcerer’s Stone” debuted in 2001, this makes sense. But in the past decade, Daniel has only starred in two other films: the first, “The Tailor of Panama,” drawing in more than $28 million at the worldwide box office and the second, “December Boys,” only bringing in about $1 million worldwide (both according to Box Office Mojo). Needless to say, those two flicks have really brought his average down. From our math, that has Dan grossing a bit over $900 million per “Harry Potter” movie. An impressive feat, but let’s see how he ranks on the chart in the next decade.

The same goes for Emma Watson, who earned her title of “Highest Average Box Office Gross for an Actress” by having her past six movies (I guess they aren’t including “Half-Blood Prince” in these calculations?) earn over $753.7 million each. The only non-“Harry Potter” movie Emma has done of those six is “The Tale of the Despereaux,” an animated flick that raked in more than $86 million worldwide. Add an extra zero on the end of that and it might come close to the “Harry Potter” numbers.

Catherine Hardwicke had a similar one-hit-wonder as “Twilight” entered the book as the “Highest-Grossing Movie By A Female Director.” As “Twilight” only grossed about $383 million worldwide, compared to say “Titanic” which earned about the same domestically in their opening week, it once again nails home the gender discrepancy — at least on the production side — of Hollywood.

The one actress who we’re sure is going to maintain her spot in the Guinness Book of World Records is Miley Cyrus, who entered the book for the first time as the “Highest Earning Child Actor” for the $25 million she earned in 2008, according to Forbes. With the release of “The Hannah Montana Movie” this year, her 2009 income is sure to be significantly higher.