Remembering Patrick Swayze, Forgetting Kanye & Having Fun On The 'Eclipse' Set In Today's Tweet Dreams

It's a sad day in Hollywood with the news that actor Patrick Swayze passed away last night at the age of 57. The "Dirty Dancing" star and 80's icon was remembered today on the Twitterverse by costars and fans. Demi Moore, who starred with Swayze in their 1990 smash hit movie "Ghost" recalled a moment from the film to honor her friend, "And in the words of Sam to Molly. "It's amazing Molly. The love inside, you take it with you."I love and will miss you Patrick." Actress Christina Applegate tweeted, "I hope Patrick Swayze's transition to the next life is peaceful. Another reason we have to fight to #endcancer. I know there is a cure!" and Ryan Seacrest () honored the actor's influence in the music world, posting, "i bought that song "she's like the wind" when I was a kid...and played it over and over on radio we will miss patrick swayze!" All of us here at Hollywood Crush wish the friends and family of Patrick Swayze the best during this difficult time. He will be missed by all.

Elsewhere, in the wake of the Kanye fallout from Sunday's stunt at the VMAs to Obama's statement to his appearance on 'The Jay Leno Show' the Twitterverse was still in full force about the debate. David Henrie pondered, "okay whats the deal with kanye forgive him or not?" While Alyssa Milano shared fer feelings on the situation, writing, "Ummm... Obama called Kanye a jackass because... Kanye is actually a jackass. No big whoop." Joel Madden had a very different opinion, "Time to let the Kanye thing go."

Check out what else celebs were sharing today on Twitter, including some on-set fun from the "Eclipse" cast! And don't forget to get your Twitter fix everyday and follow us @hollywoodcrush!

@peterfacinelli Heading to work. Gonna get lost in the woods with some werewolves today.

-Peter Facinelli, Actor ("New Moon," "Twilight")

@david_a_slade Worked w/entire Cullen family today. @peterfacinelli borrowed my camera, took my picture being strangled by Jackson, will upload later...

-David Slade, Actor ("New Moon," "Twilight")

@tomfelton hope your all are as excited as i am about the harry potter wizarding world opening in spring 2010!!! i'll see u all there i hope! x

-Tom Felton, Actor ("Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince")

@parkerangel The True Blood finale that I haven't watched yet is burning a hole in my TIVO

-Ashley Parker Angel, Musician

@hollymontag Just met Alexander aka Shane Botwin from Weeds while getting a Nintendo DSi!!! I begged him to hook me up with his show bro ( :

-Holly Montag, Reality Star ("The Hills")

@ashsimpsonwentz Tonight watch MELORSE PLACE at 9.. Some good Violet - Sydney drama in store for you!!

-Ashley Simpson-Wentz, Musician, Actress ("Melrose Place")

@carsonjdaly Jst bought my son a fish. He's named after nick swisher from the yankees, hence, swishy the fishy. We almst lost him in the garbage disposal

-Carson Daly, TV Talk Show Host ("Last Call with Carson Daly")

@therealjordin After my magazines Ive come 2 this: I want 2 be Carrie B bcs of HER SHOES, Megan Fox was beautiful b4 surgery & I still LOVE Hilary Duff. : )

-Jordin Sparks, Musician

@thomaslennon Tomorrow a.m.: 1000 butt-clenches to Chumbawamba's Tubthumping. If I can't do that in my front yard, then the Taliban has already won.

-Thomas Lennon, Comedian, Actor ("17 Again," "I Love You, Man")

@halsparks I wanna do a show for VH1 called "I love The Future" with Sci-fi nerds, futurists and psychics

-Hal Sparks, Comedian, Actor ("Queer as Folk," "I Love the 80's")

@HunterParrish I almost just ran over a squirell!

- Hunter Parrish, Actor ("Weeds," "17 Again")