Miley Cyrus' Lips Remains 'Zipped' About Rumors Of Her 'Sex And The City' Movie Sequel Cameo

The rumor mill is buzzing that Miley Cyrus may be joining the ladies of "Sex and The City" for their currently in-production movie sequel. According to sources close to the production, the teen queen could be hitting the New York set of the film sometime next month.

When MTV News caught up with Miley to talk about her tour, the singer unfortunately wouldn't divulge if the rumors are true or false. But judging by her actions she also wasn't flat out denying them either. In fact we take her comment has a definite maybe. "Can we talk about that?" she asked her publicist, before answering our "SATC" cameo inquiry with the simple: "Ah, zipped tight."

But, she also didn't say they weren't simply saying, "No comment." Life & Style notes that Miley hasn't yet confirmed to shoot her cameo on October 16, when she is reportedly supposed to be on set.

“I love it!” the "Hannah Montana" star told Vanity Fair in 2008 about the show. “If you watch 'Sex and the City,' like the way the friends are, the way that it’s dry and they all have distinct characters — that’s a thing we try to do on our show. Mikley later told TV Guide, “I’d love to do a younger, cleaner version of ‘Sex and The City.'"

Miley's love for "SATC" isn't unrequited either. The woman who created the phenomenon, writer Candace Bushnell, admitted that if her young adult novels about a teen Carrie Bradshaw should hit the big or small screen at any time, she'd love to have the actress on board. “I did just sign a deal to write two young adult books about Carrie Bradshaw’s teenage years,” Bushnell said at the time. “I don’t know [who I'd want for it]… [Maybe] Miley Cyrus!”

Additional reporting by Grace Jackson