Kristin Cavallari On Her 'Hills' Persona: 'It's Fun To Play The Bad Girl'

By Lauren Joskowitz

In an interview with MTV News' Jim Cantiello, everyone’s favorite "mean girl," Kristin Cavallari, gushed about the 2009 VMAs taking place in New York City. "I went to the ones in Miami. I think it's better in New York," she said. "I grew up watching it in New York, so this is the real VMAs."

“The Hills” drama queen divulged more than just how awesome the VMA’s were. She also confessed that she is actually friends with everyone on the show ... except for Audrina Patridge. Of course, from the previews from the upcoming season, it looks like Kristin macks on Audrina's former beau, Justin Bobby, so perhaps that was the fire starter. So how does she feel about being portrayed as “The Hills” bitch and maneater? "I think it's funny," she laughed. "Honestly, I think it's fun to play the bad girl, and no one remembers the nice girl, you know?"

To find out more of Kristin’s opinions on the VMAs and this season’s “The Hills,” check out the video clip below.

We know how we feel about Kristin, but how do you feel? Do you believe she really is friends with everyone on “The Hills”?