'True Blood' Season Three: More Alexander Skarsgard! Werewolves! A Possible Love Interest For Lafayette!

It's probably too early to be going through "True Blood" withdrawals already (the second season finale was just two days ago), but that doesn't mean we don't miss Sookie, Bill and (most of all) Eric, just the same as they begin their long winter's nap. But at least we've been left with a few mementos to remember them by, namely, two new Alan Ball (he's pictured with Anna and Stephen) interviews (one with EW.com and the other with Televisionary) that give us a taste of what's to come in season 3. And there are some tasty morsels here for sure, including a lot more of Eric (yay!), werewolves and a potential love interest for Lafayette.

All you bloodthirsty Eric fans (or let's be real, Alexander Skarsgård fans) out there will be pleased to know that creator Alan Ball promises Eric will be a prominent character in the upcoming season. Though Alan did add that he's been trying to ignore all the Team Eric fan fervor so as not to influence story lines. "I try not to get involved in that because it just sort of — it’s too confusing. I don’t want it to influence what the show is. Personally, I’m like, yes, Eric’s hot, but beyond that he’s dangerous, and I don’t know if he’d love anybody besides himself. What’s the appeal there? The bad boy? The danger?"

Speaking of the dangerous bad boy, was it really our beloved Viking sheriff that kidnapped Bill, as his promise to Queen Sophie-Ann would lead us to believe? "I think you should always be considering all possibilities," Alan said. "That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to make the choice that is the one that’s being positioned to look like a red herring. But with this show, you never know what’s going to happen. I try to work with the writers in creating a show that when you buy the DVDs and you watch the season over again, knowing what’s going to happen, you’ll see moments where you’ll say, oh, of course."

In addition to finding her vampire love Bill, another major story line for Sookie will be figuring out who, or what, she really is. And along with shapeshifter Sam Merlotte's quest to meet his birth parents, Alan said "Season three is going to be more about identity and characters really sort of coming to grips with who or what they are."

So what else can we expect come summer 2010? "I can tell you that we will meet the Vampire King of Mississippi [played by Denis O'Hare, per EW] and he will have an agenda with the Vampire Queen of Louisiana," Alan explained. "We will meet werewolves, some other weres that aren’t wolves but they are not shifters either. We are going to meet Sam’s blood relatives, we’re going to meet probably the nastiest vampire we’ve met yet and Lafayette might get some action, might have a little love story of his own." Aw, Lafayette! We're so happy for you!

What about you, Crushers? Do you miss "True Blood" already? What do you think about the story lines being set up for season 3? And are you as happy as we are to hear there'll be more Eric?