Watch Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page & The Rest Of The Derby Girls 'Whip It' It In A Food Fight Scene

It's no wonder actress/ first-time director Drew Barrymore and her costar Ellen Page bonded during the filming of "Whip It" (we learned in the duo's cover feature in the most recent issue of Marie Claire that they're basically besties now) — they got to go to work everyday (along with the rest of the female-heavy cast) to film food fights and laugh till their stomachs hurt.

In the clip below from the Oct. 2 roller derby flick, things get pretty sticky when rival teammate Dinah Might (Juliette Lewis) saunters into a restaurant and provokes the Hurl Scouts by insulting their newest member, Bliss (Ellen). "I just want to congratulate you on your new poster child," Dinah says just before slopping some gooey french fries on Bliss' face. Then milk shakes get poured on hair and before you know it, all the derby girls are participating in an old-school "FOOOD FIIIGHTTT" (as Drew screams). You'll have to press play below to witness how the not-so-appetizing action unfolds!