Robert And Kristen Embrace! Gaga Channels A Lion! Take A Look At The Moments You Didn't See During The VMAs

By now you've probably experienced the Video Music Awards' Pre-Show red carpet and the full VMAs show (and if you haven't, you can watch the full thing on demand), but we bet you're still dying to know: what the heck was going on in the areas of Radio City that were neglected by the cameras (ahem backstage and in the audience!). Well, your prayers have been answered!

Below, you'll notice a rare shot of the "Twilight" trio — Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson — taken either just before or right after they went on stage to introduce the extended "New Moon" trailer. Not that we need to explain why we're calling it "rare," but c'mon, how often is it that we get to see a shot of the three amigos where RPattz is actually touching KStew (instead of Kristen choosing to lean on and/or edge closer to Taylor)? See: rare.

Anyway, if you click the photo, you'll get to see all kinds of behind-the-scenes goodies from the VMAs, including Beyonce and lioness Lady Gaga posing together, Lauren Conrad reuniting with Whitney Port, a Gerard Butler sighting and more!