'True Blood' Vamp Stephen Moyer To Be A Presenter At Sunday's Emmy Awards

Remember back in July when the Emmy nominations were announced and we ranted and raved about "True Blood" getting snubbed and casted aside faster than you can say "Sookie Stackhouse"? Well, it looks like our pleas were partially paid attention to. They can't exactly re-vote on nominations with the big show being less than a week away, so the next best pat on the back for the Emmy's to give a television show is to invite one (or more!) of its stars to present a trophy on stage.

The lucky "True Blood" cast member to land on the (just-announced) first-round list of presenters, according to CBS is ... drumroll, please ... Stephen Moyer. We know, we know, it's no Alexander Skarsgard, but in the case of vampires appearing at award shows, we'll gladly take the always gentlemanly Bill Compton. Plus, now that he's engaged to costar Anna Paquin, doesn't that mean he'll take her as his date? It'll be two-for-one!

Other presenters just announced for Sunday night's show include:

- "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm (who is also up for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for the "30 Rock")

- "Gossip Girl" fashionistas Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

-"How I Met Your Morther" actors Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan (we bet host Neil Patrick Harris will have a few jokes to throw in their direction!)

- "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon

The 61st Annual Emmy Awards air at 8 pm E.T. this Sunday!

What other presenters would you like to see? Or are you happy with this list so far?