'Gossip Girl' Season Three Sneak Peek: 'Every Script Is Shocking,' Hints Star Taylor Momsen

Tonight "Gossip Girl" makes its big return to the small screen. And, Taylor Momsen is warning fans that if they thought seasons 1 and 2 had some crazy antics, then they are in for quite a bombshell when they tune in tonight for the show's big season three premiere.

"It's a lot of fun," she said about the upcoming season, adding that fans just need to watch if they want to know exactly what she means. "A lot of mix-ups this year in the season. It's cool. Stay tuned, for sure."

And, she added that she can't really pick just one moment that left her most stunned because she Little J herself points out, they're all pretty wild. "Every script is shocking," she said. "You're just like, what are they going to do this week? It's amazing how much stuff they come up with for our characters to do."

Plus, the show has only gotten crazier since it first hit the air. If that seems impossible—Taylor insists that it is very possible. "If you had watched the first episode of season one and [then] watched the last episode we just filmed, you'd be like, what?" she said. "What is going on? What is happening?"

So, are you excited to see what "Gossip Girl" has in store this season? What do you think will happen now that the crew is headed off to the Ivy League?