'True Blood': The Season Finale Ends With Guts, Gunshots & Gods -- And We've Got The Whole Scoop In Our Recap!

Last night brought one of the greatest nights of television in recent memory — the action-packed MTV Video Music Awards and the second season finale of "True Blood," both in one night? How much awesome can one TV viewer take? Apparently plenty, since we stayed up long enough to catch our recorded version of the HBO vampire series — and we've got all the details.

But before you continue reading, ask yourself these questions: are you a "True Blood" fan? Did you watch last night's finale? If you've answered yes to both, hit the jump for our in-depth summary of the finale ... but be warned, if you haven't seen the episode, there's plenty of spoilers ahead!

The finale kicked off with our captured heroine, Sookie Stackhouse, as she's forced to become Maryann Forrester's maid of honor in her wedding to the God That Comes. Maryann thinks that Sookie's involvement will lure Sam Merlotte, who the maenad plans to sacrifice to her horned betrothed.

Sure enough, Sam does arrive and he's got company — Bill Compton, who recently learned from the Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne that Maryann can only be killed if she truly believes her God has arrived. Bill exchanges Sam for Sookie, and just as expected, Maryann has Sam stabbed through the heart — but completely unexpected is Sam and Bill's elaborate plan.

Bill convinces Sookie to vandalize the massive statue Maryann had created in tribute for the God, completely enraging the maenad. She chases Sookie through the forest, only to be stopped at the sight of a majestic horned bull coming her way. Thinking it's the horned god, she gladly allows the creature to impale her — but to her and our surprise, the bull shape-shifts into Sam, who was healed thanks to Bill's blood. Just like that, the maenad is finally gone.

With Maryann dead, the rest of Bon Temps returns to normal, with everyone disavowing their knowledge of the past events, even though Andy Bellefleur insists that they all remember their misdeeds to some degree. One person who truly wants to know what happened is Eggs, Tara's boyfriend. With Sookie's telepathic help, he's able to remember that he killed several people on Maryann's behalf.

Outside of Merlotte's, Eggs tries to turn himself into Andy's custody, but his attempts look deceivingly like an attack on the bumbling detective — at least that's how it appears to Jason Stackhouse, who unquestioningly shoots Eggs in the head. Jason, horrified with himself, is shooed away by Andy, who takes the blame and tells the oncoming Merlotte's patrons that Eggs was trying to assault him. That's hardly a consolation for Tara, who is completely devastated by the death of Eggs.

Meanwhile, Mr. Merlotte himself is understandably tired from recent events, so he sets out to settle some personal business of his own, namely, learning the identities of his shape-shifting parents. Sounds like a mystery to be solved next year!

But what of our vampire friends? Eric Northman is up to no good as usual. During his visit with the Vampire Queen, it's revealed that Sophie-Anne herself ordered Eric to continue Lafayette's vampire blood dealing in Bon Temps, though her motivations are still mysterious. But Bill is wise to Eric's schemes, and Eric promises Sophie-Anne that he'll take care of Compton personally.

Which brings us to our startling cliffhanger: during a romantic date, Bill proposes to Sookie, but the events of the past few days have her so confused that she needs to take a moment for herself. Coming to her senses, Sookie returns to accept his proposal, only to discover that Bill has gone missing and the room is completely torn apart.

What happened to Bill Compton? Who is responsible for his abduction? We'll have to wait at least a few months to find out those answers and more, but one thing is for sure — that was one heck of a season of "True Blood"!

What did you think of the finale? What was your favorite part? Let us know what you think in the comments section!