Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Introduce The 'New Moon' Trailer At The VMAs

Holy girly dress and heels, Batman! We hardly recognized Kristen Stewart when she emerged on the stage (to introduce the awesome new "New Moon" trailer!) during the Video Music Awards in a somewhat sparkly Valentino tulle frock, pointy-toed stilletos and a very mod, pixie-like hairdo.

We might not have been so anxious to see how she and Robert Pattinson were going to look had the "Twilight" duo actually walked the red carpet like their fellow costar Taylor Lautner did, but apparently it was not in the cards. In fact, we originally thought they were supposed to be seated in the audience, but according to our sources over at MTV's Buzzworthy blog, "After the 'New Moon' trailer [aired], R.Pattz and crew [were] whisked backstage, photogs trailing a few steps behind. When Pattinson finally dodges them, he gets a few secs to chug a beer and watch Beyonce's performance, bobbing his head to the beat." So, friends, it shall remain a mystery on why Bella and Edward only showed their pretty little faces for a mere 10 seconds (or so it felt), but at least we got that much, right? Plus, now we know Rob likes "Single Ladies."

What did you think of Kristen's more "glam" look: hit or a miss? And what about Robert's?