The 'New Moon' Extended Trailer: We Dissect It Frame-By-Frame (And Edward Vision By Edward Vision)

We love you MJ. We love you Beyonce and Lady Gaga. But the most exciting moment at the VMAs was the debut of a third “New Moon” trailer. For those of you who missed it, check out the full video and then follow our walk through of the entire trailer, with 70 (!) snap shots in total (click on any of the photos in this post to see all of 'em!). Happy Stephenie Meyer Day, indeed!

Above, we get a closer look at the man being punished by Aro (we look into who the mystery victim could be in our secrets of the "New Moon" trailer article!). Also in our flipbook, we see Jacob and Bella at the movie theater, Bella’s hallucinations of Edward and all those gorgeous Italy scenes.

I’m so glad there is a snap shot of my absolute favorite shot from the entire trailer, the one of Bella’s vision of Edward after her cliff jump. She reaches out to him as he floats in the water next to her, and as she is pulled away from him by Jacob, she touches his face, distorting the image. It is so sad and so beautiful, and shows the leaps and bounds “New Moon” has come from “Twilight.”

This trailer is such a perfect summary of everyone we crave from the “Twilight” universe. We get to see all our favorite Forks High friends in photo 10, more of the wolf pack before transformation and after and bad boy Laurent. Then there’s more Jacob, Charlie and Alice (we love seeing her adorned in a scarf while driving a sweet, sweet ride).

And then, for your viewing pleasure from here on until forever, you get a snap shot of RPattz’s new (or airbrushed, but we’ll pretend they’re real) abs. Boy do we want to see that boy sparkle in the sunlight more often.

Click on any of the photos above to see more freeze frames from the newest "New Moon" trailer, then tell us in the comments section below which ones are your favorites!