VMAs: We Vote On The Night's Bests In Fashion, Dates, Acceptance Speeches (Paging: Beyonce!) & More!

In honor of the handing out of Moonmen tonight at the Video Music Awards, Hollywood Crush has decided to come up with our own kind of superlatives. So keep reading on to find out everything from who was the best dressed guy of the night to who had the best date (hint: he's green, and we don't mean in an environmentally friendly way).

BEST DRESSED LADY: Taylor Swift shared on the red carpet she has a castle complex and loves fairy tales. Well, she certainly looked the role of a princess in her gorgeous silver and cream Kaufman Franco gown (and then also later in her red dress).

BEST DRESSED GUY: Maybe its the 30 pounds of muscle he put on to look the part of Jacob in "New Moon." Maybe it's just because he's so darn sexy (albeit still underage). Whatever it is, Taylor Lautner in his gray Calvin Klein suit with black shirt underneath was easily the best dressed and hottest guy on the red carpet tonight. We might've given Robert Pattinson the trophy in this category had he shown his face for more than 10 seconds.

BEST DEMONSTRATION OF CLASS: Beyonce, for forgoing her own thank you speech (she won Video Of The Year) and instead inviting a scorned Taylor Swift back on stage so she could re-accept her earlier award for Best Female Video. As you probably heard, Kanye West (quite rudely!) interrupted Taylor's acceptance of her Moonman. So props to you, Beyonce, for being a great role model!

BEST DATE: Lady Gaga showed up with Kermit the Frog. You don't get a much better date than a puppet. Sorry Miss Piggy!

BEST ARRIVAL: After arriving in a horse drawn (Cinderella) carriage, Taylor went on to win her first VMA award. Kanye better bring her back her glass slipper with a big apology.

BEST ACCESSORY: We're still not sure what look she was going for on the red carpet, but Lady Gaga's neck brace from Kiko's of London was hands down the most interesting accessory of the night. Second most interesting: that red, er, face mask she wore during the actual show.

BEST SILVER DRESS: Apparently silver was the color of the night (Katy Perry and Kristin Cavallari were among the VMA goers who wore the metallic), but Leighton Meester pulled off the silver dress look (hers was a shift by Christian Cota) in the classiest (and least overtly sexy) way.

BEST USE OF SLEEVES AS A NECKLACE: We love you, J.Lo. (below, left). We just don't know if we're going to be following the fashion statement you made at the VMAs tonight.

BEST TRANSFORMATION: Jack Black (above, right) showed up looking surprisingly "muscular" tonight. Maybe he followed TLaut's workout regimine?

BEST DOPPELGANGER: Pink and Shakira arrived five minutes apart both wearing the same Balmain silver and black leather dress. It would have been a huge fashion faux pas if they both didn't pull the dress off equally well.

BEST BRITISH HOST ... THE SECOND TIME AROUND: Sorry, we just love Russell Brand.