Taylor Swift Offers Up Her Advice For This Sunday's VMA Fashion Reporter, 'New Moon' Star Ashley Greene

"New Moon" star and newly appointed Video Music Awards fashion correspondent Ashley Greene isn't planning to call her red carpet predecessor Taylor Swift for advice, telling MTV News, "I kind of want to do my own thing and I don’t want to have anything to go off of. It's cool we get to put our spin on it. I feel like [getting advice] would mess me up."

Nonetheless, the 19-year-old country cutie did have a few words to offer the actress. So if you're listening, er, reading this Ashley, take note! "Don't rehearse," Taylor instructed. "Have a couple question for each of [the stars]. You have to have a general knowledge about what's going on in the careers of musicians today, but you never know who's gonna walk up."

Sounds like pretty sound advice to us. All we have to add is we better be getting our Robert Pattinson fashion moment. Or else. Click play on the clip below to hear all of Taylor's advice for Ashley when she prowls the VMA red carpet Sunday night.

Do you have any advice for Ashley Greene?