New 'New Moon' Trailer Debuting At The VMAs: The Countdown Starts NOW With Our Handy Widget

That hand dandy "New Moon"- themed widget you can see in full-size after the jump does many many magic things:

1. It counts down to the star of the Video Music Awards this Sunday (9 p.m. ET — dont be late!)

2. As soon as the brand-spanking new exclusive extended "New Moon" trailer airs during the awards, it will morph (much like Jacob does into a werewolf) into a video player showing — wait for it! — the trailer itself!

3. Once the VMAs have come and gone, the widget will act as a GPS device to locate Robert Pattinson wherever he is in the world.

OK, you got us: #3 was a joke, but it got your attention, right? Here's the fun part: If you've got a Web site, blog, etc. etc., then feel free to grab the widget and post it yourself. Just click the "Share" link located below the timer and either copy the embed code into your web space or use one of the MySpace/Facebook/Blogger links to do it automatically. Consider this our gift to you, Twi-Hards!


Make sure to tune in on Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards!