'Vampire Diaries' Stars Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley Sink Their Teeth Into Hump Day Hottie Status

Sure "Twilight" has Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, but there are a new set of supernatural hotties moving to Hump Day Hottie town and they are "Vampire Diaries" stars Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. So this week, in honor of the show's big premiere tomorrow night (!) we are giving you two undead babes for the price of one.

Press play on the video below to see more of this week's Hump Day Hotties and keep reading for more juicy details about them.

Vital Stats: 27-year-old Paul hails from New Jersey and was born with the last name of Wasilewski, which may explain why he changed it the easier-to-pronounce Wesley. As for Ian, well he's 30, and grew up in Louisiana. And, from what we can tell has no other aliases.

Where you might have already seen them: Ian is definitely familiar to fans of "Lost." But, he's been in a number of other high-profile projects like "The Rules of Attraction" and "Smallville." (Spoiler alert: He dished to MTV News he'll be back for more "Lost." Maybe that means his "VD" character will take a vacation to Hawaii? Er, scratch that, it's too sunny.) As for Paul, he's been all over other TV projects like "American Dreams," "Army Wives" and "24."

Why you should take notice of them now: Well aside from their killer good looks, the pair play vampire brothers in the hotly anticipated "Vampire Diaries." Ian's on board as the bad seed brother, Damon, while Paul will be playing the nice guy with a mysterious past, Stefan Salvatore. These two are over 150 years old and they seem to have some issues with one another, so we can only imagine that will make for some fun sibling rivalry and for some fun fight scenes, especially when there's a pretty young lady named Elena involved. If only we were Elena!

Until next Wednesday, when we honor yet another hottie, you can get the rest of your man candy fix by clicking on the photo below to see who else is in our backlog of studs!

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