'New Moon' News! A U.S. Premiere Date And Location Is Set For The 'Twilight' Sequel

Get your best red carpet dresses ready, Twi-Hards! After you take in all the brand new "New Moon" footage you're going to see this Sunday during the VMAs (yup, that means only five more days till you get to see another trailer!), you can start planning for your next big "Twilight"-filled adventure: The sequel's U.S. red carpet movie premiere!

According to the Mann Theater website, the "New Moon" premiere will take place on Monday, Nov. 16 at L.A.'s Village and Bruin theaters, which was the same locale for the premiere of "Twilight" on Nov. 17, 2008. So mark the date on your already bustling fall calendars (the soundtrack comes out Oct. 13 and — not that any of you need to be reminded! — the movie's out Nov. 20).

In honor of this big news, we've decided to take a look back at that aforementioned "Twilight" premiere, just in case you forgot what all your favorite stars looked like just one year ago and, more importantly, what they were wearing! Click on the photo below to take a walk down memory lane.