Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: What's Your All-Time Favorite Photo Of The 'Twilight' Pair?

You know how when you miss your significant other, you tend to look at old photos to remind you of them? And the longer you’ve been apart, the more you tend to look at those pictures? Even with quick weekend visits and video chats, e-mails and IM conversations, that terrible pain of separation doesn’t get any easier.

Well, that’s kind of how we feel about “Twilight.” Sure, we’ve had public appearances, relationship rumors and quick interviews, but with the one-year anniversary of the release of "Twilight" (and subsequently the long-awaited release of “New Moon”) we’ve found ourselves missing the artistic side of the cast of "Twilight" more and more — and we’re sure you are too!

To help carry the both of us through the next two and a half months until we can be reunited with our beloved vamps again (or at least through the next week till they show their pretty faces at the VMAs!!!), we’ve put together a selection of our favorite photos Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. We’ll be sure to have more nostalgic posts over the next few weeks, but for now, this is helping to ease the pain.

Take our poll after the photos and let us know which one is your favorite or leave a comment for us on our Twitter page!

From Vanity Fair, November 2008 (see the full image on

Vanity Fair

Teen Vogue, reportedly from early 2009 though we're not sure if they ever actually appeared in the mag! (see the full image at Kristen Stewart Central)

Teen Vogue

From InStyle, October 2008 (see the full image on


From Entertainment Weekly, July 2008 (see the full image on

Entertainment Weekly

From The MTV Movie Awards, May 2009

Movie Awards