'Project Runway': We'll Be Tuning In Tonight Mostly To Check Out Hottie Designer Logan Neitzel

Logan When Bravo's make-it-work design series "Project Runway" catwalked over to Lifetime—and the left coast—fans worried some unflattering alterations would be made to their beloved show. Thankfully, the past two episodes have allayed those fears. Even though "Project Runway" is wearing a new dress, it's the same show we've come to love, except in one delicious way: There's finally some (seemingly) straight male eye candy in the form of Seattle designer Logan Neitzel. (Special shout out to my home state!)

Now don't get me wrong. The show's bitchy, flamboyant gays like Christian Siriano and Austin Scarlett, are the underpinnings—the corsets and bustles, if you will—of the series. But sometimes a girl needs something pretty to look at ... besides the fashionable frocks. With a quiet, thoughtful sensibility and the sort of dirty, sexy looks reminiscent of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Logan's hard to resist. And it seems I'm not the only one enamored of the 26-year-old.

If you've been watching Lifetime's other new series, "The Models of Runway," you know the models have their own "Logan Fan Club," because "Logan's hot!" according to model Tara. No one is a bigger fan of the designer's than his former model Fatma, who couldn't help but grin and giggle when she gushed about the comely contestant. "He's just so beautiful," she said, smiling. "I feel like I'm in a Nirvana world." So when underperforming designer Mitchell snatched Fatma to be his model, she was none too pleased, stomping off the runway, throwing her hands up in disgust and looking as though she would shove a sewing needle in someone's eye at any moment. Girl, I'd be peeved too!

I guess we'll have to tune in tonight to see how that mess unfolds and to see if hottie Logan can make it one more week without being aufed by Heidi. Goodness knows I'd be watching "Project Runway" anyway, but Logan is much-appreciated fashionable accessory to the already-glam ensemble.

What do you think about "Project Runway" designer Logan?