'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer Gets Her Own Clothingline!

With all the hype surrounding the upcoming release of “New Moon” (79 days and counting!) and the current filming of “Eclipse,” buzz has faded away from last year’s release of the "Twilight" lil' sis, “The Host.” While it isn’t getting its own big screen adaptation (yet!) and doesn’t have an RPattz to pump the hype, “The Host” is getting its own token of pop culture fame: a clothing line.

Scribe Stephenie Meyer teamed up with Hobo Skate Company earlier this year to auction off a “The Host”-themed skate board, which raised $1500 for charity. Now, the skateboard and clothing company has announced that they've reteamed with Stephenie for a line of “The Host” t-shirts and skateboards, available for purchase worldwide on their website starting today.

"We are stoked to have Stephenie on board with Hobo," founder Jared Hancock said in a press release. "Her global popularity and worldwide success gives us a huge boost in selling products that will contribute to our cause. A portion of all sales will go to the Hobo Foundation that helps homeless families who have been forced to live on the streets."

The three designs are available both on t-shirts and skateboards. The first, “X-Ray,” is available in three colors: blue, pink and green, on a black setting. The design runs vertical down the left side of the shirt, showing what looks like an x-ray of a spine with a soul — the alien race which takes over Earth in Stephenie’s novel — attached to it (which looks way cooler than it sounds). The words “The Host” run vertically down on top of the design.

The second design, “The Cave,” is brown-on-black with a silhouette of main characters Wanda/Melanie outlined against the entrance of the cave their pack of humans hide out in, with the words “The Host” silhouetted next to it.

The third design — and my personal favorite — is white-on-black, called “Body & Soul,” and shows half the face of what can be assumed is Wanda/Melanie with her hand reaching out towards the viewer, her eyes glossed over to show she is under the control of a soul, and the body of a soul up above her head around the shoulder of the shirt. The worlds “The Host” run vertically down the side of the shirt.

"We created an image of ‘The Host’ exactly as Stephenie Meyer pictured it in her mind," Jared said, with co-founder Chad Swenson adding, "Stephenie has been fantastic to work with. Her extraordinary talent and imagination behind ‘The Host’ gives us incredible design concepts to work with. Even with Stephenie's insane schedule with ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’ movie productions, she has worked with us on every detail to make sure the products are remarkable."

All the products have the Hobo Skate Company logo and Stephenie’s signature on them. The t-shirts cost $25 a pop, with the skateboards clocking in at $50. An undisclosed percentage of each purchase will go to the Hobo Foundation. The new clothing line might garner some more hype for “The Host” — Stephenie Meyer’s only adult novel, and a damn good one at that — which has slipped to number 21 on the New York Times’ hardcover best-sellers and to 58 on USA Today’s Top 150 Best-Selling Books. The renewed attention might also get Stephenie that big-screen adaptation she wanted back when “The Host” was first released; her dream cast including Matt Damon, Robert Redford, and Ben and Casey Affleck.

We would love to see that movie too, Steph!

Will you be buying any of the items in "The Host" line?

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