Megan Fox Openly Admits That She's A 'Complete Lunatic' And That She's Afraid Of Cliques Of Girls

By Lauren Joskowitz

It’s pretty safe to assume that everyone is envious of Megan Fox — girls want to be her, and guys want to be with her. But how much do you really know about the infamous and mysterious actress (er, besides that she often likes to give the press some off-the-wall soundbites)? In our "Behind the Screen" interview outtake, MTV News' Josh Horowitz discovers some of Megan’s deepest secrets (and no, this time it's not that she likes to sing Judy Garland songs).

Megan openly admits that behind her glamorous and sexy facade are a few traits that most people aren’t aware of. "I’m insane," she confesses to the camera. "Sometimes I’m great and sometimes I’m a complete lunatic.” To hear more of Megan’s juicy confessions (including why teenaged girls scare her), check out the video excerpt below.

More of Megan’s dirty laundry will be aired this Friday on "Behind the Screen" on MTV at at 7 p.m. ET, so mark it on your calendar and get ready to know the "Jennifer's Body" vixen a little bit better.

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