Is Robert Pattinson 'So Sexy It Hurts'? 'Twilight' Characters Get Their Own Theme Songs!

Robert Pattinson There are so many great characters in the history of cinema forever linked with a theme song. Who can hear “Stuck in the Middle With You” on the radio and not think of Mr. Blonde? Ennio Morricone’s classic whistle without imagining The Man With No Name? Or Darth Vader’s “Imperial March,” which always signals the presence of the baddest man in the universe?

Somehow, the ball has been dropped with “Twilight”. Sure, the soundtrack to the first film was good, and Death Cab for Cutie might correct the situation. But how is it that none of these iconic characters has a song yet?

With the recent announcement that Rob, Kristen and Taylor will be attending the upcoming VMAs to unveil an exclusive “New Moon” trailer to the fans, we think it’s about time to correct this. MTV and “Twilight” have formed a match made in heaven over the past many months, and we have tens of thousands of music videos ripe for the plucking. And so, we humbly submit the following classic songs we’d like to hear when we see these characters on camera again in November’s “New Moon”:

Edward Cullen :“I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred

Because the guy is sexy — and whether he’ll admit or not, he knows it. C’mon, wouldn’t you like to watch RPattz do his little turn on the catwalk?

Carlisle Cullen:“Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson

The patriarch of the Cullen clan has more charisma than Clooney, talks sweeter than honey, and — as noble as his bitings have been — making someone a member of the living dead has to be against some kind of law. We considered selecting Alien Ant Farm’s cover version, but something tells us the 369-year-old vampire prefers to kick it real old school.

Rosalie Hale:“Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

As described by Stephenie Meyer, she’s the most gorgeous woman on the planet, and Nikki Reed is certainly no slouch in the looks department. So, why is everybody always hating on poor Rosalie? As Nikki redeems the character in the upcoming films, we can imagine her belting out this tune, insisting that the words of the haters “can’t bring me down.”

Bella Swan: “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy”

One of the many reasons we love Bella is because she’s always falling down … or falling in love. We can imagine Bella telling Edward she’s “going down” the next time she hits a patch of black ice on her walkway. And as depressed as she gets in “New Moon,” Kristen needs a fun song like this to cheer her up a bit.

Jacob Black:“Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran

How cool would it be to see Taylor Lautner belt out this tune to KStew halfway through “New Moon,” just before he transforms? “Woman, if you want me, give me a sign!”

What music videos would you pick as theme songs to these or other “Twilight” characters? Post your answers below or send us a Tweet @hollywoodcrush!