'Twilight' At MTV Awards: A Look Back At The Fashions Of The Cast On The Red Carpet

We're sure Twilighters are already gearing up for the extended trailer premiere at the VMAs presented by none other than Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Our minds have been going a mile a minute just thinking about what we're going to see in the teaser, but we're also starting to imagine what the trio will wear to the big event (and heck, how will KStew's hair look by then?).

Because we have fashion on the brain, we decided to travel back in time and relive some of the Forks resident's greatest red carpet moments at the MTV VMAs and MTV Movie Awards. Keep reading after the jump to see what kind of memories we dug up.

2008 Movie Awards

At the 2008 Movie Awards, Kristen and Robert showed up to the show looking urban chic in all black. Kristen decked out in black skinny pants, a black tank top and heels perfectly coordinated her look with RPattz who wore a grey sharkskin blazer, black button-down and black jeans. Let’s not forget he also rocked the shades. Unfortunately, we learned then that he doesn't actually glitter in the sun.

2008 VMAs

The "Twilight" crew seemed to grow by the time they hit the 2008 VMAs in L.A. — Taylor Lautner also showed up looking quite smaller than he does now. This time RPattz wore basically the same outfit he just changed up color scheme and fabric choices, while Kristen rocked a printed t-shirt dress. Cam Gigandet rounded out the group in plaid and Taylor opted for a suit vest and white button-down.

2009 Movie Awards

Months after the VMAs, the "Twilight" crew grew even more, which let us witness first hand just how unique each castmember is when it comes to their sense of style. Kristen opted for a black and red spider-print dress, while Ashley Greene went for a floral little pin-up style dress (click on the photo above to see her frock up close). Cam showed up in a t-shirt and jeans and this time it was Kellan Lutz in plaid. RPattz kept up the blazer and jeans look, but went for blue (perhaps he was inspired by Bella's prom dress?). And, Taylor got a little edgier wearing a leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans.

Don't forget to click on any of the images above to see more of the "Twilight" cast attending MTV soirees, and then of course mark your calendars for Sept. 13 when you get to see them at this year's VMAs!

So, what look do you think RPattz, K-Stew and Taylor should rock for the 2009 VMAs? And what were your favorite and least favorite looks of theirs from the past?