100 Monkeys to Provide Soundtrack, Score For Jackson Rathbone's 'Girlfriend'

Jackson RathboneIf there are two things “Twilight” fans love, it’s Jackson Rathbone and his band, 100 Monkeys. Now, the fan favorite is excited about uniting his two passions in an upcoming film — and giving the Twilight Nation the chance to experience the whole package.

“You bet,” he revealed with a smile when we caught up with him recently and asked if his band would be on the soundtrack to his soon-to-shoot indie film “Girlfriend.” “100 Monkeys are going to do a lot of composition work as well. One thing all of us are really interested in doing is not just putting our songs in soundtracks, but actually composing soundtracks like Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead did for 'There Will Be Blood.' We’re all very much film oriented — three of us are actors, and all of us are composers — we love film, we think it’s an amazing medium. And music and film go so well together.”

As Monkeys fans know, the band not only consists of Jackson but also his acting-singing buddies Ben Graupner and Jerad Anderson — the latter of whom is also starring alongside Jackson in the flick. “’Girlfriend’ is the first movie I’m producing with my entertainment group,” Jackson explained of the drama, which is scheduled to begin shooting soon. “We found this incredible director, Justin Lerner, who made a splash at a bunch of festivals with 'The Replacement Child,' which is a great short film. We saw that, and he had this script called 'Girlfriend,' it’s just incredible.”

"I really don’t want to go too much into the plot, because we’re trying to keep it under wraps; it’s a really amazing story," he explained. "It’s about a bizarre love triangle — very bizarre." (We recently learned his former girlfriend in the movie will be played by Shannon Woodward, who described the movie in a similar way when she spoke to Hollywood Crush last week: "'Girlfriend' is kind of like a strange love story," she said.)

As one of the lead actors in the movie, he's also one of the points in the triangle. “We’re going to be filming real shortly, right after 'Eclipse.' It’s a wild ride.”

And with 100 Monkeys on the soundtrack and composing the score, this “Girlfriend” just got a whole lot better looking. “Even before sound in movies, they had someone playing the piano to get that emotion,” Rathbone said of how he plans to unite his music and acting skills for the indie film. “We want the story to be what it is, and want people to be involved in the story; we want it to be kind of like classic Hitchcock.”

Actor, musician and film composer? Is Jackson now officially the most talented member of the “Twilight” cast? If not, who is?