'True Blood' Gains Another Celebrity Fan: Lindsay Lohan

Lohan/True Blood Lindsay Lohan is hopping on the vampire bandwagon and although she makes no mention of her dedication to "Twilight," she does admit that every week, her TiVo is set to record "True Blood."

"Nobody can speak when 'True Blood' is on," she told "Extra." And since Lindsay is such a big fan of the HBO series, it seems like she might be the next perfect person to try her hand at playing one of the sexy bloodsuckers. That is if she isn't too busy doing other things.

"I've been creating a bunch of shows that I've written treatments for and that I'm going to be producing — and that's more interesting to me [than acting]," the 23-year-old said, adding that if she were to be asked to do a guest spot on "30 Rock," she wouldn't hesitate to say yes (paging Tina Fey!).

She wouldn't elaborate any more on her (could-be) role in "Machete," however. "Maybe," she asserted when asked if she was going to be in the Robert Rodriquez action film. "I didn't say I was part of it yet."

It seems that one person who'd like to see less vampires around is none other than Demi Lovato, who is currently hard at work on "Camp Rock 2." She Tweeted, "No more movies or TV show's about vampires please.... I'm good with true blood and the twilight stuff but y'all... Come ON!"

She then went on to joke that perhaps the "Camp Rock" sequel should have vamps on board. She added, "I just pitched "Camp Blood" to the producers."

Hey these are all people we wouldn't mind seeing undead!

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