V Factory's Asher Book On His 'Fame' Character Marco: 'He Is A Lot Of Me'

In honor of "Fame" week here at Hollywood Crush we've been introducing you to the fresh-faced students of the New York High School of Performing Arts. You've already met singer Denise (Naturi Naughton), dancer Kevin (Paul McGill), Hump Day Hottie Malik (Collins Pennie) and rich girl Alice (Kherington Payne). Today, it's my pleasure to introduce you to cutie pie Marco, singer and boyfriend to Kay Panabaker's Jenny, played by Asher Book.

Asher and Marco have much more in common than just near-perfect pipes. In fact, the V Factory member told MTV News that he and his "Fame" character are quite similar. "Marco, he is a lot of me," Asher said. "He's very happy-go-lucky, very normal kid. [He] comes from a really good family, has a lot of siblings but kind of grows up in the family restaurant."

And much like Marco, Asher began singing at an early age. His first big break was as Chip in a theatrical production of "Beauty and the Beast," followed by the lead role in a production of "Oliver." He's since nabbed parts in the T.V. movie "Pop Rocks," "Zoey 101," "Medium" and the film "Come Away Home." With singing and acting chops (and who wants to bet he can dance too?), it'll be hard to forget this probable triple threat's name.

Click play on the clip above to hear more from Asher about his character Marco, including details about his romance with Jenny.