The New 'New Moon' Trailer ('Meet Jacob Black') Video Has Arrived! Watch Now!

While we're sure there have been many bootleg versions of the newest "New Moon" trailer floating around the Internet since the clip premiered (in English, this time and not French ... thank goodness!) in the previews before Friday's release, "Bandslam," we know there's nothing better than watching the real thing in all of its crisp, ab-filled glory. So here it is!

In case you've missed it last Friday morning, we gave you our full review of this "Meet Jacob Black" preview — yes, we were just informed by Summit that that is the official name for the "New Moon" teaser trailer #2 — as our trusty writer Amy Wilkinson took in a midnight showing of "Bandslam" just to report back to you bright and early what exactly it all entailed. Now's your chance to weigh in, too. So press play above and after you're done watching the video over and over again, tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Also! Make sure to check back with Hollywood Crush later on tonight, when we give this preview the MTV freeze frame treatment as well!