'New Moon' Actress Noot Seear Talks Volturi Costumes, Color Contacts & Nutty Names

Noot Who do you find to play a woman whose beauty is so profound that humans willingly follow her to their grave? Why, a model of course. And all the better that this preternatural beauty has been taking acting lessons for years, just lying in wait for her big break. That model is Canadian-born hottie Noot Seear and her big break comes courtesy of "New Moon" in which she plays the impossibly pretty Volturi vampire Heidi. Though we have yet to see footage of Noot in character, the 25-year-old leaked a few hints about her look to Interview, in addition to talking about her acting aspirations and her "nutty" alias.

Veteran vamps like Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed know what to expect come filming time, but newcomer Noot recently learned the pitfalls of physically transforming into an undead bloodsucker — including avoiding the sun and wearing those pesky contact lenses.

"I didn't tan for two months," she explained. "It was awful, and totally unnecessary because they painted me white anyway. I had these crazy contacts that I couldn't see through. It was like skiing in a total snowstorm. I could see about two feet in front of me." Thankfully, the costuming was a little easier, though don't expect Noot to be strutting around in a mini-skirt like in the novel. "It was this red, flowy dress with high gloves and big old heels," Noot said of her ensemble.

Though she has been studying acting for some time, this was one of the first auditions her coach allowed her to go on. "I always wanted to be an actress. I've been taking acting lessons for years with Alan Savage. But he would never let me audition for anything. He was like, 'You get one chance with these casting directors, and if you go in there and do a bad reading they're never going to call you in for anything else.' So he made me wait, and he was right. Instead of having to play some hot girl on some dude's arm, this role came along."

Now that Noot will surely have a Twilighter following, it may be too late for her to ditch her nickname (which means "nut" in Danish) and go by her given name Renata. "I have been trying to be Renata forever," Noot said. "I still try to be Renata. Every time I would change schools, I would always start as Renata and somehow switch to Noot. And when I moved to New York, there was a really big model named Renata and she was at my agency. Now I can't get rid of it. It's the most ridiculous name."

Are you excited to see Noot in "New Moon"?