The Evolution Of Vanessa Hudgens: Follow The 'Bandslam' Star's Career In Photos

A fresh-faced Vanessa Hudgens, who turns 21 on December 14, first made her debut on the acting scene when her family settled down in L.A. and she landed a TV commercial. The actress had been acting for years, actually since the age of 8, but it wasn't until her teen years, when she got cast in "High School Musical," that she became a household name.

Before "HSM," Vanessa was already adding roles to her filmography thanks to work in movies like "Thirteen" and "Thunderbirds," and in small roles in several sitcoms.

Click on the photo below to see how far Vanessa has come, and keep reading for more on her Hollywood history after the jump.

Starring alongside her on-screen and off beau, Zac Efron as well as her bestie, Ashley Tisdale, and fellow teen star, Corbin Bleu, Vanessa found superstar fame playing Gabriella Montez in the super successful Disney musical franchise.

In addition to her work in the world of acting, Vanessa, who showed the world her vocal stylings in "HSM," also has released two solo albums. And now, with her Wildcat days behind her, the "Bandslam" star has several high profile films in the works including "Beastly" and the much-anticipated Zach Snyder's "Sucker Punch."

She recently told MTV News that she was really looking forward to "Sucker Punch." "Honestly, I just kind of do things I feel passionate about," she said. "When something comes along and I really like it, I don't really care if it's set in high school or in a brothel like 'Sucker Punch,' just as long as I feel passionate about it."

She added that she's always wanted to do action. "That was my biggest go-to when I wanted to play the sexy girl [was to be in an action film]," she explained. "And I get to do that in 'Sucker Punch,' and I'm so excited."