Megan Fox Wants To Hear From You -- Found Out How You Can Speak To The Actress Directly!

Megan FoxIf you've ever wanted to ask the foxy Megan Fox something but never thought in a million years you'd get the chance, well you thought wrong! The "Jennifer's Body" actress is sitting down with one of our very own MTV News reporters to answer questions from all of her biggest fans out there.

So if you got any kind of question or query for the brunette bombshell — perhaps you want to know what she thought of all of those men's sites boycotting her name and image for an entire day? Or maybe you're just wondering why her lip gloss is always so dang shiny and perfectly applied? — then follow these instructions: Head over to Your MTV and upload a video of yourself posing a single question to Megan. We’ll gather the best of your queries and pass them along to the actress, then share her answers here on MTV! Just make sure to keep it to one question per video and label your clip "Question for Megan Fox." And the deadline is: ASAP!

Good luck!