'St. Elmo's Fire' To Be Revamped Into A TV Series, & We've Created Our Dream Cast

So it seems like Topher Grace and the man who directed the movie version of "St. Elmo's Fire" the movie, Joel Schumacher, have combined their forces to produce a television series version of the 1980s classic Rat Pack flick, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The show will take place in the present day, with three girls and three guys, who will still hang out at Georgetown's St. Elmo's Bar & Restaurant, only the word "restaurant" has been replaced with "grill." And, although there is no cast yet, there is a network. It will air on ABC. "It's the feeling of that time in your life when everything is possible but you can't figure out how to make it possible," Topher said about the show/flick.

So, the fact there is yet no cast for the show, got us thinking about who we'd like to see in it. The first pick is easy. Rumer Willis can pick up where her mom, Demi Moore, left off, playing drug-addict Jules. The other members of the group, well, that's not as simple.

We're voting Joe Jonas (above, right) as the modern day Andrew McCarthy(above, left). His puppy dog eyes and sweet demeanor just seem to evoke that same nature Andrew had when he hit the big screen. So, we'd like to see him as Kevin Dolenz. If Sebastian Stan's role on "Gossip Girl" doesn't get further extended he can certainly take over Emilio Estevez's role as Kirby Keger.

Camilla Belle's dark hair and mysterious nature may find her as the perfect new Ally Sheedy, so we wouldn't mind seeing her as Leslie Hunter. Brittany Snow might feel right playing the role of Wendy Beamish made famous by Mare Winningham. And, finally, we have the roles of Rob Lowe's Billy Hicks and Judd Nelson's Alec Newbary, to fill. We nominate Nolan Gerard Funk of "Spectacular" fame to assert Judd's role and Lucas Till (above, right) to be the new Rob Lowe.

Click on either of the photos above to see the rest of our dream cast in a side-by-side comparison to their original counterparts.

What do you think of our roster? Who do you want to see in "St. Elmo's Fire" the tv show?