'Bandslam' Starlets Vanessa Hudgens & Aly Michalka Recall Their Auditions For The Teen Flick

Believe it or not, just because you're an actress with a musical background (or vice versa: a musician with an acting background), it doesn't always mean you can walk right onto a movie set without proving you're the right person for the job first. Both Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka had to audition for their roles in "Bandslam," even though they already had cred in musical-based movies ("High School Musical") and performing live in concert (Aly & AJ).

"We actually saw each other at the audition which was really funny," Aly recalls. "I went in first. I prepared a song to play on guitar, and then a song to play on piano. I sang an Amy Mann song, called 'How am I different' ... It was fun, it was a very kind of free audition. You just went in and did your thing, Todd [Graff, who helmed the movie] kind of directed, knew exactly what he wanted and had a vision."

Vanessa's try out, on the other hand, was quite different, she says. "Mine was very un-well planned. I forgot that I had to sing a song, so I went in there, did the scene. [Todd] was like, 'Oh you have a song?,' I was like, 'Ohhh... no.'" So Vanessa picked Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" out of a packet of sheet music the director had on hand. "I ended up doing that," Vanessa says, to which Aly interjects, "And it worked!"

Looks like singers named Amy were actually a good luck charm for both! Besides winning their respective roles in the movie, the duo each provided vocals for the "Bandslam" soundtrack as well.

"Bandslam" — and that brand-new "New Moon" Trailer (which we already saw!) — hits theaters today. Will you be seeing it?