Jennie Garth Knows Who Robert Pattinson Is Dating -- But She Isn’t Telling!

"90210" actress Jennie Garth is married to "Twilight" star Peter Facinelli, which means she gets to have pillow talk with her hubby that includes just who his hunky costar Robert Pattinson is dating.

Is it Kristen Stewart? Is it Nikki Reed? Is it Rachelle LeFevre (Jennie didn't say if the mystery person was a current costar)? Is it Kellan Lutz? (Hey, he's recently back on the market after all). We know can't be Ashley Greene — since she's apparently seeing "Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford. Whoever it is, Kelly Taylor isn't spilling the love beans, except that RPatzz has the hots for someone on set.

"I can't say. That will be breaking my promise to my husband. But I do know," Jennie told reporters at TJ Maxx’s Save the Children event in the Big Apple. Some news outlets had previously claimed that she knows whether it's Nikki or K-Stew, but it turns out that isn't the case. She just knows. Period. Which is more than we can say.

And with that, there's always that little bit of hope that maybe all that passion that RPattz and K-Stew have on the big screen has spilled into their personal lives. Though, we have to say: he would also look pretty cute with Nikki.

So, who do you think Jennie was talking about? Tell us below!