Kristen Stewart: Is She Diverting The Attention Away From Robert Pattinson By Holding Taylor Lautner Close?

If anything fueled the flames of “Twilight” fan fanaticism, it was the off-screen chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. But even the most devout worshiper of the KStew and RPattz coulda/mighta/will-never-happen romance has to be a little disgusted with the monster it has turned into. If you follow all the headlines about the pair, there have many many, many variations of a relationship that has never been given any evidence of actually existing: Either he’s "leaving her" or she’s "leaving him" or she’s "pregnant":or he’s in New York "because of her" or they're all of a sudden "back on."

It must be wishful thinking (OME!) that has turned a blind eye to Kristen’s close association with a certain other male castmate, a Mr. Taylor Lautner. Without blatantly screaming, "we're in a relationship!" the twosome has been a bit touchy feely in recent months. After Kristen and Robert won the MTV Movie Awards best kiss trophy, we haven't really seen them together at all. It’s Kristen and Taylor strolling around Vancouver arm-in-arm, it’s Taylor that Kristen was hanging out with at Comic-Con (pictured above), and it’s Taylor that Kristen made sure to stand close to in the group pic from the Teen Choice Awards (see that snapshot after the jump).

It’s kind of funny that the tabloids haven't gone to town with Kristen and Taylor love stories in the same way they did with her and Rob (click on the photo above to see more examples her leaning on Taylor). It definitely seems to this Hollywood Crusher that the Rpatzz and KStew “romance” started off the same way this one is. The similar pattern of events leads me to believe maybe there is more behind Kristen and Taylor hanging out than meets the eye, but that doesn't have to mean, though, that we're alluding to anything actually romantic going on here.

Much of the hype that built up “Twilight” stemmed from everyone becoming obsessed with the idea of a real-life Edward and Bella romance. With “New Moon” focused on the burgeoning relationship between Bella and Jacob, it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to suggest that Kristen and Taylor are perhaps being spotted all over the place (and/or standing right next to each other) is an attempt to get the audience to believe in Bella and her werewolf, much like it did for Bella and her vampire.

It is unfortunate, however, that Kristen and Robert can’t even be in the same room with each other without the gossip train sparking worldwide, so it also seems fair to say Taylor is a safe person for Kristen to latch on to without people going crazy. It was a bit strange to see Kristen and Robert so separate at Comic-Con, when even behind the scenes Kristen was seen walking around with Taylor and Robert was nowhere to be found. But who am I to judge what is really going on between the stars of “Twilight” and what is not? The fact of the matter is no one knows what rumors are true and what isn’t beyond them. (Er, that is, of course, except for Peter Facinelli's wife, Jennie Garth.)

What is true is that “Twilight” has blurred the gap between what fiction and reality which, after all, is what makes us love it so much.

What's your take? What did you think of the photo examples we wrangled together or Kristen and Taylor?