New 'New Moon' Trailer Shown Before 'Bandslam' -- We've Seen It! Here's Our In-Depth Review

If the sky seems a little bluer, the sun a little brighter and the birds a little chirpier this morning, we know why. It's "New Moon" trailer day! In case you missed the many, many memos from Hollywood Crush, this weekend is your chance to bite into a brand new "New Moon" trailer debuting before "Bandslam." We stayed up past our bedtime last night/this morning to take in a midnight showing of Vanessa Hudgens' battle of the bands flick, and we have all the deets on the thirsted-for trailer.

If you've seen the leaked French version that's been floating around YouTube the past few days, there's nothing new here (well, except for the fact that's it's in English). Narrated by Taylor Lautner and featuring very little of swoon-worthy Robert Pattinson, the nearly two-minute clip opens with an oh-so-steamy kiss between Edward and Bella — one to rival their titillating "bedroom" scene in "Twilight" for sure (though both appear to be fully clothed this time around).

"'New Moon' is a lot more complicated than 'Twilight' was," Taylor explains in one of several voiceovers. And just as quickly as the passionate lip lock began, Edward pulls away, abandoning Bella in the woods. "This is the last time you'll ever see me," he tells his bewildered love before kissing her forehead and turning away for eternity.

"Bella's in such a deep depression when Edward leaves, and Jacob is the friend that will always be there for her," Taylor says. Cue the bonding scenes! Walking on the beach! Riding motorcycles! In these endearing moments we see the fruits of Kristen and Taylor's real-life friendship, fostered over months of "going to each other’s houses, hanging out, going and getting some dinner," according to Entertainment Weekly.

This is also where we witness (enjoy, relish ... you get the idea) the result of Taylor's other "New Moon" preparation routine: pumping iron. "Jacob has changed in many different ways. His physicality. He's a lot bigger. He's 30 lbs. bigger." Um, yeah, we noticed. Hello, six pack!

The pace then intensifies, hurling rapid fire shots at vampire-like speed. Volterra. Jane. Bella submerged in water. Laurent. An almost kiss between Bella and Jacob. Wild-eyed Edward. Victoria. And finally the climax: Jacob morphing into his furry alter ego. His parting words,"Don't get me upset," still ringing as the screen goes black.

If "Twilight" was Robert's dazzling moment in the sun, it's evident from this new trailer that "New Moon" is Taylor's. As an avid Team Edwarder, I was worried the sequel would be too Jacob-centric, but after witnessing Taylor's fine acting chops (and hearing director Chris Weitz's accolades for the star during Comic-Con), I'm jazzed to see the 17-year-old take center stage.

Have you seen the new "New Moon" trailer? What did you think of it?

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