'Time Traveler's' Stars Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams Wish They Could Time Travel In Real Life

In their new flick, "The Time Traveler's Wife" Eric Bana can travel through time, which does put a small strain on his love affair with Rachel McAdams ... in the movie, which opens Today, not in real life. Obviously!

So, when MTV News got a hold of the film's stars at the junket for the movie, they shared with us just when and where in time they'd like to be able to time travel to if, you know, they were ever given such amazing abilities.

"I think I'd go maybe to the 50s. I think it seemed like the funnest time that I wasn't around for," Eric said. "Maybe go and see some amazing rock concerts over the course of history would be a pretty great thing, like all the great bands at their peak. That'd be fun."

Eric wants explore his musical interests, but Rachel, on the other, hand, hopes for a more personal and romantic time leap. "You know this film made me think of this but going back and seeing what my parents were like when they were little," she explained. "And watching them you know fall in love and you know that whole chunk of their life that you know nothing about yet you're so inextricably linked to them and you don't know that part of them. That'd be so interesting."

So, what moment in time would you like to travel to if given the chance?

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