'Hamlet' & Other Shakespeare Classics To Get A 3-D, Musical Makeover: Did The British Playwright Just Roll Over In His Grave?

By Jenni Miller

Remember the must-have study guides "SparkNotes" and their ilk? Well, the big screen is about to get its own shorthand Shakespeare treatment — musical numbers and all. According to Variety, the Shakespeare 4 Kidz theater company is putting their mind and their money towards six musical adaptations of the Bard's greatest works, starting with "Hamlet" in 3D. The series, which will include some of Shakespeare's greatest and most popular works (like "Romeo and Juliet," "Macbeth," and "A Midsummer's Night Dream") is aiming for lovers of the "High School Musical" and "Harry Potter" type of films.

S4K promises, "Not only will the story of Hamlet be told in a unique and exciting way, but the addition of the latest 3D technology brings added excitement to cinema audiences: a ghost that hovers in front of your eyes, cannon-fire that flies into the auditorium and a final sword-fight that seems to literally be all around you."

In addition to these modern movie treatments, the film company behind the series, Elsinore Films, is creating a TV series called "Movie Quest — A Romeo 4 Juliet," which will be a reality competition show about finding undiscovered talent to play the star-crossed lovers.

No word on who will star in the 3-D version of "Hamlet" yet, but our money is on Shia LaBeouf; he's got the dark and tortured thing down pat.

Is this a fair treatment of the Bard's work, or a fun way to get people interested in Shakespeare? Who would you cast as Hamlet?