'Bandslam' Is 'Not At All High School Musical,' According To Star Gaelan Connell

The eve of the premiere of "Bandslam" (and the premiere of that new "New Moon" trailer we know you all can't wait to see!) is upon us, so what better way to prepare for the movie than by hearing straight from its leading man, Gaelan Connell, about what sets this movie apart from all the other (typically cliché?) high school ones out there.

Sure, the movie does star Vanessa Hudgens, but Gaelan says, "It's not at all 'High School Musical' or anything like that. It's kind of like 'Juno' meets 'School of Rock,' kind of twisted up, and I think it's because it's so relatable." While his other girl pal in the movie, Aly Michalka, personifies a popular girl type and Vanessa is kind of the "loner," that's pretty much where the stereotypes end. "You know, we don't have McLovin' on one side and you know, super hot Taylor Swift on the other side. (Pause) I probably shouldn't have said that! But anyway..."

After his slight embarrassment over the admission about his obvious crush on the country star dies down, the actor adds, "This is like an actual high school for the 95 percent of us who were kind of friends with popular kids, then kind of friends with the not popular kids, and I think it's pretty interesting to see that in a Hollywood film because it's usually so black and white. You know, there's a cheerleader, then like I said, there's McLovin. This is not like that at all, it's very edgy and real."

Just in case you're wondering where you might have seen the quirky actor before, he did star with A-listers Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche in the romantic drama "Chocolat," and like most newcomers to New York City, he can be seen in an episode of "Law & Order." He's not entirely set on standing in front of the cameras, though, as he took a break from studying filmmaking at NYU to shoot "Bandslam."

Did any of what Gaelan said above make you want to see "Bandslam" more? Why or why not?

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