Ian Somerhalder Thinks 'Vampire Diaries' Is 'Edgier' Than 'Twilight'

Come this fall everyone will inevitably be comparing the CW's new vampire show about a human girl in love with a vampire or two with that movie you may have heard of about a human girl in love with a vampire and possibly a werewolf. In fact, people are already going there.

Just yesterday, "Vampire Diaries" producer Kevin Williamson weighed in on his shows connection with "Twilight," insisting that is virtually, well, none. Now, "VD" star and former "Lost" castaway, Ian Somerhalder, who could easily give RPattz a run for his money in the babe department, is letting all the fans know, yes, this is kind of like Twilight… except it's, um, not.

"There's obviously a comparison because it's a direct relationship, however ['Vampire Diaries'] is a bit edgier," he said, adding, "It's every week, not every year. Also, too, 'The Vampire Diaries' the books actually came out a decade before the 'Twilight' books."

So, he's okay with you comparing the two franchises — if and only if you remember what came first: Stephenie Meyer or L.J. Smith. "You run the risk of sounding a bit negative if you say that ['VD'] is a rip off of 'Twilight,' simply by virtue of the fact that this material, 'Vampire Diaries,' came before," he said. "[But], there should be a direct correlation — there is — and I think it's great."

So, do you think it's fair to compare the "Vampire Diaries" to "Twilight"?

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