Ashton And Demi's 'Sexy Time' & 'Entourage' Script Ideas In Today's Tweet Dreams

It was something of a random day out there in the Twitterverse, perhaps it was because so many celebs woke up in strange circumstances. Musician and "One Tree Hill" star Kate Voegel got a rough start, Tweeting, “Whoever pulled the fire alarm at this hotel 3 times in a row circa 6 am this morning should have to buy everyone a starbucks today.” Meanwhile, Demi Moore (pictured with Ashton Kutcher) told us she, “Woke up 2 hubby loudly repeating "sexy time" "sexy time" thought that was my cue until I realized he was doing radio interviews for Spread!” We can think of worse ways to be woken up!

Elsewhere, "Funny People" star Aziz Ansari had some pretty funny ideas when he Tweeted some new plot twists for a certain HBO comedy, “Entourage Episode Idea 1: E can't get cell service, Turtle gets a bad haircut, Drama has an ingrown toe nail, and Vince eats a banana.” Though, I think I’ll tune in for this one instead, “Entourage Episode Idea 2: E's in traffic, Turtle eats a sandwich, Drama buys a Gatorade, and Vince has sex with a meter maid.”

See what else celebs were coming up with today and see how we’re doing morning, noon, or night @hollywoodcrush!

@diablocody I want to hire Kate Hudson to follow me around and shout words of encouragement. Sporadic clapping would be nice.

-Diablo Cody, Screenwriter (“Juno,” “Jennifer’s Body”)

@michaelianblack My wife is taking me out for a very special birthday dinner tonight. Get ready, Applebees!!!

-Michael Ian Black, Comedian, Actor (“Michael and Michael Have Issues”)

@rainnwilson I am tolerant of all lactose.

-Rainn Wilson, Actor (“The Office,” “The Rocker”)

@souljaboytellem Twitter Question: Is it wrong to only RT the positive things people say? Should I RT the haters opinions too?

-Soulja Boy, Rapper

@ddlovato I don't think I've ever been so sore in my life. Jetski's were not the best idea when I've got a show the next day.....

-Demi Lovato, Singer, Actress ("Sonny with a Chance")

@moonfrye Just got nervous when a cop on a bike rode up next to me? Something funny about being scared of a cop on a bike

-Soleil Moon Frye, Actress (“Punky Brewster,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”)

@petewentz Its cute how the lamp posts in hershey are shaped like hershey kisses. Closest ill ever get to willy wonkas factory.

-Pete Wentz, Musician

@brookeburke Watching Regis&kelly. I have such shoe envy! She had the BEST shoes!!!

-Brooke Burke, TV Personality (“Dancing with the Stars”)

@emmyrossumStaring at a comic-style storyboard that has someone has drawn on a back windsheild in the dust on a toyota truck. Pretty cool.

- Emmy Rossum, Actress

@NICKZANO Watching 3 minutes of Momma Mia w @hayliek makes me feel exhausted.

-Nick Zano, Actor ("The Final Destination")