'Eclipse' Casting News: Actor Jack Huston Lands The Role Of Royce King II

Jack Huston With production on the third "Twilight" movie "Eclipse" scheduled to begin in less than a week, and cast members assembling in Vancouver to take part in some kick-butt fight training, it's hard to believe there are still characters left to cast in the epic vampire romance. But apparently there are, and the latest is Jack Huston who will play Rosalie's (Nikki Reed) murderous fiance Royce King II, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Much like costar Bryce Dallas Howard, Jack comes from a dynastic Hollywood family. He is the grandson of screen legend John Huston and the nephew of Academy Award-winning actress Anjelica Huston. Jack has a handful of his own movie and TV credits including 2006's "Factory Girl" with Sienna Miller, and he can be seen this fall in the TV series "Eastwick" alongside Rebecca Romijn.

The role of Royce, though small and likely told through flashbacks, is significant. (SPOILER ALERT!) The son of a wealthy Great Depression era banker, Royce was engaged to marry the human Rosalie, until he, along with a gang of drunken friends, brutally attacked the beauty and left her for dead. It was while laying bleeding and dying in the street that Carlisle found Rosalie and transformed her into a vampire.

Though Jack certainly has a menacing look about him, he's not much of a physical match to Royce, who is described by Rosalie in "Eclipse" as having "lighter hair than I did, and pale blue eyes." We all know, though, that Nikki and Peter Facinelli aren't natural blonds either, so I'll reserve judgment until after hair and makeup sink their teeth into him.

For a refresher course on all the actors who've been cast "Eclipse" so far, click the photo below!

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