'Hannah Montana': Is This The Last Season & Will There Be A Sequel To The Movie? Miley's Costar Tells All!

Emily and Miley"Hannah Montana: The Movie" may hitting your local video store this week, but that doesn't mean there are plans for a sequel to the Miley Cyrus headlined flick anytime soon.

"Oh gosh! We don't know!" Miley's buddy and fellow "Hannah Montana" star Emily Osment (pictured left with Miley) told Hollywood Crush. As for rumors that the upcoming fourth season is also the series' last, well Emily doesn't know much about that either, but she's hoping that that isn't the case. "We don't know. We're just all working on getting that done and then we'll see," she said. "Nobody wants to hear about the end of 'Hannah Montana.' I know I don’t. So, it's hard to say what's going to happen [after season four]."

Well, until then, the crew will be continuing to work on the show that made them all stars while Emily fondly looks back on the time the group spent in Tennessee where they shot the film on location. "We shot the movie in Franklin, Tenn., where Miley grew up, which was really cool," she said. "Everyone kind of knows her there cause she grew up there."

And despite Miley's overwhelming success for the most part no one on set was bothered by ogling fans while they were making the movie. "When it was really obvious we were shooting there then kids would show up [and things would get crazier]. But she was always really nice and we always went and said he to everybody," she said. "It was cool to have her show up her hometown because she talked about it before then."

Will you be buying "Hannah Montana: The Movie" on DVD? And would you like to see another season of the show or do you think the cast is ready to move on?