Eric Bana Strips For 'Time Traveler's Wife': 'My Acting Was Way Better Naked'

If the swooping love story between Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams wasn't enough reason to head out to movie theaters this weekend to check out "The Time Traveler's Wife," then perhaps the chance to see Eric without clothes on might get your butt in the seat.

But, the actor — who is also the focus of our Star Gazing feature this week — explains the nudity isn't gratuitous. He was told by the movie's time traveling expert (uh, yes those do exist) that he had to be naked. Naked is what happens, apparently, when you time travel.

"Well I always got some dresses as well, let's not forget about that," he joked to MTV News about going in the buff, and occasionally in drag, for the film. "My character managed to find some ladies' clothes as well, which i think we did to sort of spice it up ... But our time traveling onset adviser was the one who was responsible for me being naked."

He added that even when he tried to be modest about the whole thing, no one would let him. "I tried to slip underwear and g-strings in but [Rachel] and the director would not have it. We're method, dude, we're method," he insisted with a laugh. "If he has no clothes in the book we're going naked. My acting was way better naked."

Now that you know this juicy detail about "Time Traveler's Wife," has it swayed you even more to go see the movie?