Eric Bana: We've Got Our Eyes On The 'Time Traveler' In This Week's Star Gazing

Eric Bana has done everything this summer. Actually, forget this summer: Eric Bana has done just about everything. The 41-year-old Aussie hunk seems to have been born to play rugged action heroes, but this year he’s won our hearts by playing everything but, and for that, he earns the focus of this week’s Star Gazing.

Let’s recap a bit about what he has accomplished so far this year. In January, he returned to animation with as the voice of Damien in “Mary and Max,” an Australian film that made a splash at Sundance. Then he took a nearly unrecognizable turn as Nero in the smash-hit, “Star Trek.” He also made his directorial debut with “Love The Beast,” a documentary about his 25-year-long love for Ford GT Falcon Coupe. Only a few weeks ago, he hit the big screen as Leslie Mann’s adulterous husband in “Funny People,” and this Friday (let me clarify that: finally) he will be battling it out with double up at the box office as the titular time traveler opposite Rachel McAdams in big screen adaptation of “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Click on the photo below to see Eric at his many various film premieres and read on to find out about his rise to fame.

It might be surprising then to find out, after all this, Eric got his start as a stand-up comedian in Sydney, Australia. He soon moved on to popular comedy television shows in Australia like “Tonight Live with Steve Vizard” and “Full Frontal.” Eric’s first film role was as a supporting comic role as well in “The Castle,” but his subsequent film roles after that showed his dedication to his craft. For “Chopper,” a film about the Australian crime figure. For the role, he gained 30 pounds of fat from junk food, shaved his head and spent time in prison with the criminal himself to get completely in character. His amazing performance won him critical acclaim and awards and caught Brad Pitt's notice. Brad personally suggested Eric to play the role of Hector in “Troy,” to which he was eventually cast.

In addition to getting his macho cred from films like “Black Hawk Down,” “Hulk,” “Troy” and “Munich,” Eric also played the voice of the fish-friendly shark Anchor in “Finding Nemo” and Henry Tudor in “The Other Boleyn Girl.” By adding a Romulan, an insane Aussie (wait, he’s apparently done that) and a time traveler to that list, we’re excited to see just what else Eric Bana is going to surprise us with next.

Will you be seeing "The Time Traveler's Wife" this weekend? What did you think of Eric in "Funny People"?

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